I'm a maven of many talents...

Ask away...   Submit   Taken, 6 years strong to KineticSoul, You will always get my respect if I feel its reciprocated/ dont mistake my kindness as weakness/ all aspects of design/ gogo-dancing/ melbourne shufflin/ veil poi/ silk tissue aerials/ photography & development/ video production/ makin beats/ playing the piano, drums, guitar i wish i had more inst at my disposal / mixology/ bar tending/ painting/ ceramics/ glass blowing/ rally racing/ poetry/ high and vintage fashion/ traveling/ cosplaying/ shooting & grappling/ modeling/ good and evil doing/choreography/ nutrition/ fight or puzzle gaming/ yoga/ positive affirmations/followers. //////////////////////////Check out my nail blog www.suemomonails.tumblr.com < that link is no more Follow my new nail blog at http://suemomonailsii.tumblr.com/

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